capilla® Statement on Corona

Dear business partners, families, friends and acquaintances,

the current worldwide situation with the corona virus as well as its effects on the economy and society play mind games with all of us. Contradictory information as well as sometimes fake news from print media, radio, television and internet do not really contribute to a clear elucidation about the true current situation and what we all still have to expect and deal with.

To give you a bit of safety at least in a small part of your everyday life – the purchase of welding consumables and information about their application – we are giving you a brief statement today.

In the past weeks since the virus has broken out in China, we at capilla have prepared as good as possible for the current situation.

Our office staff and especially our application consultations at site have been trained in dealing with each other and with external contacts under consideration of possible hygiene options.

Our stock of finished goods has been adjusted to serve an average sale for about 8 weeks.

According to our current schedule, raw and auxiliary material will last well into the second half of 2020.

With other words: as long as there will be no restrictions from the authorities for the movement of goods, capilla will be close to your side as reliable partner also in this time of crisis – even if at present possibly not with the usual personal support, then always by email, phone or other safe ways of communication.

Please preserve your health!
That’s the fundamental requirement allowing us to deal with these challenging times together as soon as possible.