Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity


The constant assurance of the satisfaction of our customers and its continuous improvement belong to our most important principles of business. The satisfaction of our customers is crucial to the success of our company. It is therefore our ultimate goal to perform services that correspond to the agreements with the customers.

The following principles apply to us:

Focus on our customers/customer’s satisfaction:

We want to maintain and extend customer’s satisfaction through our quality, reliability and speed of our work.


We maintain a partnership with all involved parties.

  • We take responsibility for customers, employees and our environment
  • We are fair, tolerant and friendly
  • We promote the professional development of our employees
  • We handle in partnership and fairness with suppliers, authorities, institutes and service providers


  • We meet customer’s requirements
  • We are personally involved
  • We work cost-conscious
  • We use progress

Service mentality:

  • We think and act in the interests of the customer
  • We listen to our interlocutors
  • We advise individually and comprehensively


  • We stand by our word
  • We make clear decisions
  • We hold appointments

Satisfied employees:

  • Decisive for our success are the satisfaction and the sense of belonging of the employees in our team
  • With us, everyone should experience that they can make a difference with their abilities and their commitment and make their personal contribution to the company’s success
  • Our employees are the bearers of our know-how and at the same time the engine of our creativity. Their commitment and ideas secure our future
  • Only motivated employees like to make a contribution to increasing the value of our company and, in view of the growing demands on us, fulfill their tasks in an exemplary manner
  • We also meet with respect within the company. This includes empowering and partnering with employees, developing a spirit of collaboration, and creating a safe and healthy work environment

Continuous improvement:

The initiative of each individual to continuously improve the quality of services and work processes is an important contribution to the personal success, to safeguard the location and to consolidate our position in the market. Only when problems are addressed early and comprehensively everyone can  contribute to the solution in a goal-oriented manner.

For this we observe the principles of quality management.

Therefore, we provide all necessary means to fulfill the quality objectives and the enforcement of the company policy, and we commit ourselves to comply with all legal obligations.

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